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About Us

We are a family run business  believing that dreams are future’s reality. For us, that dream was to explore and discover the dazzling  world of fashion, from the starting material, to accessories and all the way through to a complete and extraordinary image . However, life happened and  this dream got side-tracked for a little while our deferred dream only started to take shape and form in March 2016, after a few career and life zig zags.

This story officially begins with the creation of TEXANIMA , an, unsurprisingly,  fabric wholesaling company. After working hard to establish TEXANIMA in the world of fabrics and textiles, our next stop is … jewellery

And just like that, a few breaths away from Christmas 2019, Red Fox is born, hoping to help you find that something special, which will make your style and looks take off. Through our e-shop, we want to share with all of you our love and excitement for  jewellery and  present you with pieces that not only will they inspire us, but will not need heavy pockets to become yours. we are ecstatic to welcome you to the Red Fox family